What is Downtown Weatherford Inc’s Wine and Whiskey Walk?

Every town has a wine walk, we decided to have one with a bit of a twist.
Amazing wineries and tastings are a given… And we have added hand picked whiskey tastings for that extra something special.
While experiencing the different wines and whiskeys you can enjoy eclectic vendors not often found in our area, all day live music from some of Texas’ best up and coming artists and food options designed to tantalize your tastebuds.
The day is full of meticulously placed bonus features that you can stumble upon in all four quadrants of the square.
Walk through the main entrance located in the northwest quadrant where you’ll see our expertly operated 40’ stage and smell the delicious aromas of our food vendors. There is also a lounge designated to elevate the experience of our vip ticket holders that will be stocked with beverages, meals to go and more.
Meander about to the southwest quadrant and take a break in our ‘man cave’ complete with a bar, pool tables and the days sporting events on big screen.
Whatever area you find yourself in there will be something new to see and knowledgeable event staff available to help you make the most of your experience.
While other wine walks and sip & shops only cater to those who enjoy the occasional adult beverage, we wanted to be all inclusive by adding a Hydration Station with free water, sodas and energy drinks to any of our guests who purchased our alcohol free ticket. This allows anyone that opportunity to enjoy all that the event has to offer whether they are in recovery or just the designated driver.
The proceeds from this event benefit the preservation and the revitalization of our historic downtown area. While breathing life into an under utilized area of town, we can also keep money local by including area businesses and promoting tourism with events such as this.